Manic Monday

Not really manic, just trying to get caught up after the busy and lazy weekend! lol  Busy as in out and about doing stuff and lazy as in didn’t do nuthin when I was home! lol  RJ has home based speech therapy on Mondays so I was up early doing a little picking up and vacuuming before the therapist arrived,  After she left I did 3 loads of laundry and hung it out to dry…..I’m going to hate when the weather gets too cold for me to do that…..I love the time spent outside early in the morning hanging clothes on the line and listening to the birds sing.  Such a peaceful relaxing time for me.  After that RJ and I took a walk to the park and he spent a little while on the playground equipment.  Then home for his lunch and quiet time in his room with Blues Clues.  He’s given up his naps already but I found we BOTH need him to have a quiet hour or 2 in the afternoon in his room! 🙂 I’ve started buying a few Christmas gifts here and there and had them all thrown in my closet in bags as well as some Halloween goodies for the Grands.  So I got all that stuff out and organized.  Supper was simple….SM and I had both been craving Chili Cheese Dip so we just had that before she went to work.  Got the clothes off the line folded and put away this evening and got some bills paid online. RJ has had his bath and is snuggled in his bed and I’m getting ready to watch a little TV before SM gets home from work at 10.  Tomorrow I plan on getting in my shed and pulling out the totes with our winter clothes in them.  It’s starting to get too chilly in the mornings for shorts although by noon it’s not! lol  Haven’t started the fireplace yet but was thinking this morning that it will be any day now to take the chill out of the air in the mornings and evenings.  I love the crackle of the fire and the smell of wood smoke….must be something from my childhood but to me that just smells like home!! Hope everyone has a peaceful night!

3 thoughts on “Manic Monday”

  1. 2 years old and already in speech therapy? What ever is going on with him, you’re lucky to have caught so quickly and already have him in intervention. He must love living in a house with routine, structure, and animals!

    Sounds like a lovely simple day

  2. He’s been diagnosed as having a slight developmental delay and has physical therapy once week to strengthen his muscles and develop better muscle tone which in turn will help him to speak. He is just now at age 2 starting to verbalize so that puts him about a year to 14 months behind where he should be. He is enrolled in an early intervention for children with any type of physical and/or mental delays. I love the program and feel we have learned a lot from it.

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