Monday journal

It’s so hard to stop working on my side project since I’m so into it. Spent all my free time tonight to work on it after the massage after work. I got the major features done and getting into styling and adding more features and UIs. It’s coming out good and I can’t wait to launch!! It still needs more time tho.

A good starting of the week. Work went pretty good. Love the meeting with people to get the new theme project going. Had a meeting with art team to go over some detail for the meeting on Wednesday and getting pretty excited about that. Set up another A/B today for the main page too. Lunch at the Chinese place down the block with a team. Skated back to home at 6:30 PM then massage at 7:10 PM. Good service and I was very satisfied about that. Dinner at Korea restaurant myself and ShareFav app. Going with that name for now but not sure how it will end up.

10:47 PM now and I want to go to sleep and try to wake up early tomorrow. I’m getting sick of going sleep late. Want to change this!

Goodnight all!

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