Nice Little Evening…

Cooking dinner, fried chicken, gravy, dressing, salad, and green beans. I love cooking, I guess you could say my style is Southern, maybe even close to Soul Food. Lots of cooking, hell over cooking, the use of fat meat and bacon in everything. It is so comforting, so satisfying.

Of course I rode the Indian today, lawdy I love riding that big ol’ bike!

Working on cleaning out the bay window in the dining area, I plan to do seasonal decorations there, Halloween, then Thanks Giving, and Christmas.

I am also in the process of re-arranging the living/family room, it will be completely different than it is now. It will allow more viewing space of the fireplace and maybe a better flow thru the room.

Off here, got to finish cooking, making breakfast for Deb and her Mom and lunches.

Blessed be…. 

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