Stalkerpalooza ’09-16 and going St. Louis MO

Scary & stressful here with what they call “terrorizing”, “suiciding”, and all the other terms my poor Swiss cheese hole filled brain can’t remember. I’m really worried and I am not crazy. There’s no such thing as a mass auditory hallucination. Sounds so bad. Plus, I get tortured with sonic wave weapons in my own home so I do enough suffering all by my lonesome. I also get interrogated and exploited. Don’t ask me who put hidden microphones and the audio input stuff all over my house, but it’s pretty scary at times. I will be ok, I guess. I am more concerned with everyone else. Why is this happening? More importantly, who is going to help them? As I write, they (whomever that is) are reading parts of what I write. Guess they’re hacking security cameras @ St. Louis Bread Co. and watching me because I am on the patio, using the internet. I want to go to the FBI, but I have no idea how to explain anything and they can hear. I don’t mean to sound rude or ignorant, but everyone can hear. I don’t know where they are or who they are, but I am overwhelmed with concern for everyone’s safety and well-being. There’s just no way to explain it. Words escape me. This is why I don’t often write about it. There are no words. Makes me want to scream and cry. Mostly people just live their lives and sometimes I wonder how they can. The suffering and the anonymity of it is so frustrating as I want to help them.

Anyway, it’s not on the news and apparently it’s called predatory organized stalking. Freaks me the hell out.

Won’t someone help us all be safe and have a happily ever after? I guess I should tell someone, but I figure everyone can hear and soon enough we’ll all be safe as houses. I mean, as safe as anyone can. E in a large metropolitan area. Oy vey. I want to cry now. I usually do want to but I try to be brave and carry on as best I can without being able to think. So overwhelming and I want everyone to be safe!!!

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