Step dad

Well the last couple weeks my step dad has been asking for pictures of my boobs(he says they are perfect) and I have been giving them to him (not a big deal, they are just pictures) right? well tonight before I went to bed he touched them and sucked on them (felt really good) and he lead my hand to his hard cock (aldo felt so good) and then pulled it out and had me feel it skin to skin (mmhmm was it so hard). I felt myself wanting to suckon it) (mhmm what I would have done to suck on it). he is my stepdad, my stepdad that has been in my life since I was 6 months old, my stepdad who raised me, my stepdad who watches my daughter while I am at work, my stepdad who goes to bed every night with my mom, who makes love to my mom. is it weird I feel this attraction towards him? how do I make it stop before it goes too far and we caught. is it just a game for him because it is something that he can hide, or is there really feelings towards me?

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