Wasted time is more precious than wasted money

I hate it when people say this to me… ” You’re still young” “You haven’t even gotten out in the world and lived yet”. Yes I am still relatively young but I still value my time above all else. I am scared to pursue relationships with men as I fear I will end up wasting my time in the long run. Yes love is about risk but I no longer wish to risk my feelings, my time, my money and my love for someone who doesn’t value me. As soon as I turn on the radio all I hear is men and women singing and rapping about how being a player is what life is all about and how sleeping with multiple men/women is the “cool” thing to do. And people wonder why men and women these days don’t want to commit. I no longer trust, I no longer let my guard down, I no longer show vulnerability, I no longer feel. I’m numb to everything around me. I wish to get away from all these cruel people and find my happiness elsewhere. I have given my time to freely and now I struggle to give people chances, I have been so hurt in the past I just expect everyone to be the same. 

“Time is one measure of life… time wasted is life wasted, time saved is life saved.”

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