1 am…

It’s nearly 1am…Harry didn’t go in his cot till 11:30pm, he spent over 30 mins feeding from me and falling asleep! My friend Catherine & her (nearly) 11 month old son Aneurin came over today which was really nice, Catherine always makes me feel better after having a chat with her! Catherine is actually one of my sister’s good friends- I remember her from secondary school! Our paths crossed when we were waiting to be let into the maternity unit; there was no one there to open the doors for us! I was 37 weeks + 2 days pregnant and was going onto the ward to be induced (I had to be induced early because doctors noticed the levels of amniotic fluid around Harry were dropping out of normal levels in my later scans, I had a consultant led pregnancy because of the medications I was on) and Catherine was about 4 months pregnant and being checked because she kept bleeding. Thankfully our sons arrived safe and well 🙂 Catherine also actually ended up being induced with Aneurin because of the exact same reasons as me, our pregnancy and labour stories are identical, it’s scary!! We both ended up having to have a drip inducement despite attempts of gentler ways and we both had an overreaction to the drip which sent things completely the other way! We both had to have epidurals because the drips caused things to go into such overdrive (Immediately I’d have a contraction and just 20 seconds later I’d have another one and that would have gone on for nearly seven hours). We also both ended up having to have a blood transfusion after the births because we retained parts of the placenta and haemorrhaged…basically what we suffered was identical!!! That’s why we’ve gotten on so well since then and have taken the time to visit each other and have our sons play together 🙂

Harry was so sweet with Aneurin today…it was almost like he knew Aneurin was younger, so he kept walking around Aneurin as if to make sure he was ok, and he kept giving his toys to him and bringing them to him! Aneurin is teething and was chewing all the toys so Harry would then put the toys directly to Anuerin’s mouth! It was so sweet! It made my heart melt to the floor to see Harry being so sweet and caring really! Awww 🙂

I texted Catherine a few days ago when I had loads of thoughts of suicide and she really honestly made me feel a lot better. I was grateful, she didn’t have to reply. Anyway it’s now 1:05am…since Harry went to bed so late, I’ve only really just finished all the things I need to do before I can go to bed, mainly cleaning!

Goodnight journal xxx

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  1. Harry looks like he was made for the camera. He’s always got an amusing expression on his face!!!

    My best friend had her son “N” a few months after I had my eldest Deedee. I loved watching those two babies play along side each other and learn from each other. I use to tell infant Deedee she was going to marry “N” some day so my friend and I could be in laws. Now they are both 14, go to different schools, and don’t talk much. Oh well!

    Deedee was also induced due to low amniotic fluid. As I said she’s almost 15 and perfectly healthy!

    I love your Harry stories. Thanks for sharing them.

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