2. The truth.

While I was wondering, what were you up to? Did you miss me the same way I do? Does it hurt you that we don’t talk anymore? Are you doing alright? Why haven’t you texted me?

Turns out I have got all my answers today. N was doing just fine, perfectly fine without me. While I was wondering where has N been, why n doesn’t text me like we used to – I thought n was dealing with some kind of probs, or maybe trying to avoid me. But, I was wrong.  N doesn’t even give a f*** about me. N didn’t text me first because n doesn’t want to. That simple. 

Love makes you blind. Yes. It makes me blind, it lures me from reality. If you wanna talk to someone, you will just talk. No matter what try to hold you back,  you will just find a way to. Like I always do to talk to N. 

But that was a one way thing.

And I think I have come to the beginning of the end of my feeling towards N.


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