Costumes, Just Say No, and a hurricane – maybe

Incase you didn’t realize it already, I’m nuts. Not certifiable. I prefer the term eccentric! Never the less doesn’t Andy look so handsome in his Halloween costume? I think he was feeling a little shy during the fitting.

So we are getting excited about the up coming storm and Halloween. I still have yet to decide if I’ll be dressing up. Deedee wants to be a Lolita Witch (imagine an anime witch). Snoochie, after her recent brush with poison ivy wants to Freddy Krueger. Admittedly, I don’t know what Bobo wants to go as. He’s a last minute kinda guy. I’m sure we’ll be trying out a dozen different costumes and ideas before the big day. Half the fun is the planning.

Tonight at work one of the scheduled closers called out. It’s the same one that calls out every Tuesday night and I get suckered into filling her spot. I don’t know if she has childcare issues or another job, but it’s to the point where it’s already gotten old and is now ancient news. I wish my boss who does the scheduling would just stop having her on Tuesday nights. Whether she’s said so or not, clearly it’s not in her availability.

Tonight was different though. I stood my ground. I said I couldn’t stay. Which is the truth. The Man has been getting sore about the amount of hours I have to pick up for other co workers and I promised him I’d be home at the end of my shift. I like to be helpful when I can, but now I’m just sort of feeling used and abused. 

We might have a hurricane headed this way. My governor declared A state of emergency, but that’s more for the coastal regions. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I’ll have to make a trip to the library, grab some material that I don’t need my kindle for, stock up on wine, and maybe some pineapple. Who knows? What kind of fruit goes good with torrential downpour and really gusty winds? Oh! Sunflower seeds would go over smoothly too. And of course I’ll need more candles and toilet paper because when it rains the 24 pack just won’t be enough.

One thought on “Costumes, Just Say No, and a hurricane – maybe”

  1. Yes, that’s Andy dressed up as a bunny rabbit.

    Jake will be a shark for Halloween. Toothless will wear a bopper / beaded dress. Tyrion will be a lion (appropriate since he’s a Lannister).

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