Day 220 – Average

Tuesday, October 4th 2016

Today was average. Nothing really interesting happened.

I started off with math and I got my quiz result. It wasn’t my best… I think I’m taking the class too lightly, so I’m going to be studying a lot for the next couple of classes that way I can get a better grade on the test.

Then we had technology and Kohai and I recorded the Doctor Who episode. She also taught me a little bit of Spanish which makes me think if I should take classes next year. Also, saying good afternoon in Spanish actually resembles closely to TARDIS, so I laughed, since we just did Doctor Who and the word is related to time.

Kohai and I ate at the class since we planned on recording another episode, but we didn’t finish any other ones for the quiz section, so we plan on doing both tomorrow in one period, but now I forgot to do translate a quiz to French (forgot in writing this entry time), so instead we will be doing one episode and then the day after during lunch.

I then had alimentation and our teacher wasn’t happy with our class so we did a lot of theory. Sucks that I have to deal with it when I did nothing, but oh well, what can I do.

I finished with coding, but didn’t do much coding. Just having problems with it.

When I got home I played on the server and laughed as the American part of the server was confused as to why Canadians have bagged milk and asked to compare a ruler to the bags. We also talked about the creepy clown thing going on to lure children. I hope it stops soon.

That’s all for today.

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  1. The clown thing is freaking me out, too, because in the morning when there’s a ton of fog, I keep getting the feeling that one’s going to just jump out. It’s awful. Good luck on your future math quizzes–I’m sure you’ll do well on them!

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