How do you deal with a difficult person? In the easiest sense, you could just avoid them, but the problem is that in every place there is always one or two or more persons with  difficult personalities. How can you avoid them when they are your boss, your professor, or your tutor or someone you have to deal with in order for you to graduate? Or worst, if they are someone close to you like your family member or relatives. If you also fight their ideas or reason out with them, it will be World War 3. Almost every idea you say, he or she contradicts it. He or She manipulates the conversation so that it will turn out that He or She is the right one and you are the one to be blamed. You have to deal with his or her tiny patience, and you keep on extending your own patience with him or her.  They treat their equals and bosses well, but how about their subordinates? They are very aggressive, interrogating, overcompetent, they stress your beautiful day, make you cry or angry. They pretend to be right all the time and they build their own set of standards such that theirs is the right one, and you are not in the right track. They are always experts in verbal abuse. I think they have to study psychology for other people too. 

I am dealing such a difficult person right now and this person is harder than my research or my subjects. Wish me luck!

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