For Jacob Hall


If I had super powers I’d be a “good” girl. I’d use my powers to help all of the people around me. I’d never use them for evil. If I got to pick which super powers I could have, I’d want the power to heal people that are injured, sick, or sad. Maybe I could have saved you. 

I hope you can see dear Jacob how many people love and care about you. We are inspired by the short, generous life that you had lived. I think you left us all too soon, but just know that you Jacob Hall have left your mark upon this Earth and we are in a better place for it. Thank you. 

I’ll never quite think of bat man the same way again. It’s not just a symbol of becoming powerful and strong from tragedy anymore. It’s a symbol of hope. The wheels are slowly turning. Your message speaks to us in spades.

My favorite color is green. My super hero costume will need to be green. No capes though. It was advisable that THE INCREDIBLES not wear capes so I won’t wear them either. I would like a pair of wings to help me get to those who need me faster. Plus you know, flying with giant butterfly wings is just plain awesome. I’d need a mask to conceal my identity. If I have a green costume and butterfly wings – the mask should go with that. I’d also need a super hero name: Maybe The Chrysalis to go along with the theme. I like the sound of that.

So there it is, Jacob. I’ve made my own super hero identity just for you. Thank you for the simple message you’ve given all those around you. Wish you the very best on your journey.

4 thoughts on “For Jacob Hall”

  1. Thanks. I’ve seen so much in the news about the shooting & living close by, I can’t help but reflect on how this beautiful, yet broken family is handling the loss of such a sweet, amazing young boy. My heart goes out to them.

    Sandy Hook happened when Snoochie was in kindergarten. I remember that horrible feeling of dread I felt sending her to school each day afterwards.

    Senseless acts of violence are just that, senseless. Try as we might we can’t stop them all. It’s how we handle recovering from them that really shapes our lives.

  2. But what pushes American students to shoot in their schools? 🙁 What is the reason? I don’t understand. Adverse psychological atmosphere in schools? It`s too often happens… In America.

  3. I don’t have answer. People toss around the blame. Bullies, supervision, mental illness are all possible root causes.

    In this case it was a 14 year old boy who pulled the trigger. He had already been expelled from his own school for bringing a hatchet in and threatening a peer. He was home schooled after this event.

    I’ll never understand why a teenage boy with KNOWN aggression issues had access to a gun. I have 3 very good children in my house. Despite the fact that I know in my heart that they’d never steal / take a gun from me and shoot some body with it – I STILL will not allow a gun in my house. I will not keep a weapon that may destroy my family or any innocent victim.

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