My Tuesday journal

12:16 AM already just got back home from skating and took a shower before I go to sleep. I’m so glad that there is a skating meet up on Tuesday where I can release all my stress from daily life. It definitely makes my life better and health. Tonight’s skate was good! good distance about 13 miles at a good pace. My back bothered me little but I was totally okay to do short skate like that and it makes me feel better! I skipped the bar today cause I wanted to have a Korean food. I had to drive around little to find a restaurant that has kimchi stew but ended up at the place that has it. It wasn’t very tasted but good enough to fulfill my craving.

Work was good except for the meeting afternoon that I think I should be a part of but didn’t get invited. I ended up attending anyways like usual but don’t understand why I didn’t get an invitation even it’s an early part of the project because I believe that I need to understand the product to build UI and all visual elements on the page. It is important for me to know at the early stage to get the better idea how should I anticipate when the time comes although it’s not directly related to what I’m doing. It’s good that I attended meeting to see what’s going on and I need to make sure that I have access to all the information for me to build a better product in the future.

Also spent quite amount of time to think about the side project since it’s coming along nicely. Fixing bugs, improving user experience, adding more features, and more. I want to make sure it does what the main feature very well and adding more features in. It’s all about finding a sweet spot where features get implemented in timely manner cause I really want to put this out there and not planing to spend another year to make that happen. As long as it does the main key feature well, it will be out then test and improve things then iterate them. Still got so many things to do but getting excited to see it goes live. Just keep going man!

12:30 AM already. Gotta go to sleep! Goodnight All!

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