24 Goals

Mike had an awards ceremony last night now that the outdoor soccer season is completely finished. I knew I was going to be the only wife/girlfriend/whatever there despite him insisting I wouldn’t be, but I also knew he wanted me to come so I suffered through it. I didn’t even feel silly. I felt good being by his side. Anyway, he received a trophy and plaque for being the top goal scorer in the entire league! 24 goals in 12 games or something like that. I was so proud! His team is sponsored by a high end car dealership (I won’t say which one) and they surprised everyone by giving him a free rental for a weekend. How fucking cool is that? You could feel the jealousy oozing from some of the other players when it was announced. I knew he was feeling good and I knew he’d want to fuck after, but giving everything that’s going on at work I just wasn’t in the mood which I feel sad about. I just want to show up today and feel Stephanie out. I get the impression she knows something I don’t which means I’ll have to make a phone call to my manager. Ug. Not only do I need to inquire about being paid for my canceled shift, but I’d like to request he keep me in the loop concerning the contract. It should be an easy enough phone call, but we don’t have the best relationship simply because he makes me nervous whenever I talk to him because I always get the impression I’m bothering him. Oh, well. It needs to be done!

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