I’m feeling a little unsettled and trying to figure out why. Maybe I shouldn’t try to figure out why.  No, I shouldn’t.  Just go with the flow. Everything is happening as it should. Damn iphone.  It’s the worst thing a person with ADHD could possible own. I keep looking at it like it’s some all-powerful thing. Like something wonderous is going to come from it. It has no power. It’s a thing. A THING! Admittedly I do use it to play youtube guided meditations early in the morning and before bed.  But cursed facebook is on the phone as well and I find myself sucked into that black hole for far too much of my life. Why do I give a rat’s ass about anything that anyone but my closest friends and family is posting? Really, I don’t.  But it’s hard to get away from.  


S is afraid of the clowns. He’s heard about them at school and on the dreaded school bus. Godknows what he’s heard on the bus!  I tried to calm his fears as I snuggled him to sleep last night. I think I helped him.  I got a very unsolicited “I love you mom” from him. Makes me feel like I’m doing a pretty good job at this mom thing. S started with his therapist on Tuesday.  Went very well.  I didn’t tell him about it until we were on our way there. I just told him he was going to meet with someone who knows a lot about ADHD. S was hesitant and tried to play it cool and was convinced that it would be boring. Therapist said he would ask him at the end how he felt about it on a scale from 1 to 10.   S gave it a 10.  Therapist also told me that S said his parents are pretty cool. Something he very rarely hears from young boys. Another win for the parents!  

Now I’m sleepy. Drinking an afternoon java. Coming down with a cold. Hopefully the caffeine will kick in soon so I can get on with the rest of this day. I went to yoga the past 2 evenings. Found an instructor that I like. I want to go this evening but, I’m not feeling it at the moment.  We’ll see what later brings


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