Another beautiful day!

I am loving the weather we are having right now….upper 70’s low 80’s…no humidity and lots of gorgeous sunshine….bring it on!! lol  Speaking of weather…..hate to hear of all those affected by hurricane Matthew! 🙁 Hoping and praying there are no more deaths.

I spent most of the day yesterday getting our winter clothes out of the shed and washing everything. Any excuse right now to be outside! lol I discovered a leak in my shed that had damaged some items so I had some cleanup to do while I was in there and will need to replace the cover next spring for sure.  It’s one of those type of sheds that has a metal frame and a tarp type cover that fits over the frame with a zippered front for the entrance. The covers generally only last about oh 5-6 yrs or so before they start to leak.  I had my daughters boyfriend come down this evening and put a regular tarp over the top for a quick fix but I will have to replace it. I really don’t want to spend the money right now since I am having to have my car worked on (brakes) and from here on out I will be spending any extra money on Christmas!  Love, Love, Love me some Christmas!! 🙂  Today after dropping RJ off at daycare, I went to my cleaning job.  I clean house once a week for a family friend.  He’s an elderly man whose wife passed away 6 yrs ago….his bachelor son moved in about a year after that when he became concerned about how much time his dad was spending alone.  I think he was just still grieving but it did help when B moved in and would get his dad out more.  They both are Mason’s and B got H involved with a shooting club of some kind and they go for target practice about once a week….H is also a fan of Bluegrass music and goes to different places to listen to different local bands play.  H also has a girlfriend now!!  B does not!! lol  B is a very large man…..topped out at 550 lbs but is in the process of losing and is down about 150 right now.  Did it all with no surgery or drugs just diet and exercise. Anyway about 6 months after B moved back home with his dad they decided they needed some help with keeping things tidy and asked if I’d come up once a week for some light cleaning.  I just wipe down and mop the kitchen and laundry. Sweep and mop the downstairs bath.  Run the vacuum and dust in the dining and living room.  I dust and clean the floors in both their bedrooms as well as change the bedding. Then clean the upstairs bath. Dust in the guest room and vacuum as needed.  Once in a while H will ask that I do something extra like wash the curtains or clean out the frige etc.  It takes me about 2-3 hours and it’s an extra $50 a week that I can always use! lol  After I got done there today I went to a couple of stores….needed to pick up a local newspaper and pet food and got a few things at the grocery store.  I got out in my other shed after I got home and pulled all my Halloween decorations to the front.  I think I mentioned that I am a holiday freak!!  I love all the holidays and decorate for each and every one! lol  I have an 8×8′ metal shed that is packed to the top with all holiday decorations!! I didn’t decorate today but got everything to the front so that it’s easily reached when I do….which will be soon….probably Friday.  I put on a crockpot full of veggie soup this morning before leaving so supper was a breeze.  RJ and I sat out on the deck this evening and visited with his mom.  I filled up his water table so he had a ball with that like always lol  Won’t be too many more days that it’s warm enough for him to do that.  Love sitting outside and listening to the crickets chirp…you are supposed to be able to tell the temperature by a crickets chirps….I can’t remember how it goes…have to Google it!  What in the world did we ever do before Google??? lol Well that’s it for now….gonna take the dog on his potty walk and do my nightly beauty and dental routine….watch the news….read my nightly devotional and after my prayers it’s lights out for this old gal! God Bless you all!

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