Day 221 – I did almost nothing

Wednesday, October 5th 2016

Today was days of nothingness because of the substitute teachers.

Before I jump into what happened during my classes, when I was at the bus stop, something different from usual happened. A new girl it seems, came up to me to ask which school I’m going to, to make sure she has the right bus. She’s in 7th grade and goes to mine. We talked a little and then I spotted someone from my church coming our way. Usually at my bus stop, you can see students running around blocks because of their gym class, and typically Catholic schools start earlier than public schools, hence why they run when I’m at my bus stop. So he said hi and I answered back, so that was odd that two different things from usual happened at once. The students never run on our side of the sidewalk nor do I usually see him run.

Anyway, my first class was programming. We had a substitute teacher, and I couldn’t figure out how to make a PHP file work (now I do), so instead I worked on something else discreetly, which was the personality quiz for my technology class. At some point a boy next to me just said my name to ask for something when he saw I was more advanced than he was (he kept looking at my screen, probably wondering what I was doing, but it was awkward cause I was taking a WW2 quiz and had to look up guns to answer a question since I don’t know them by heart), and it made me wonder how he knew my name at first, but then it occurred to me the teacher called out for the male version of my name several times before stating my last, then I knowing she meant me me correcting her, since someone in my class has the male version of my name.

I then had lunch and I sat with Kohai. She planned to go for math help, but she returned when the teacher she went for was busy. But it was funny because we were wearing the same shirt, jeans with the same lines and both tied up hair with glasses. It looked like we planned it, but we didn’t at all, so of course she asked to take a picture together since it was such a funny conceidence. We joked that we were “#twinning”.

I then had technology and Kohai and I planned to record an episode, but because of our substitute, we couldnt use the podcast room. Instead she took the personality quiz I translated and then started applying for staff in the server, so that’s exciting. She’ll be posting it tomorrow.

We finished with math and so it was a work period. I need to learn how to do the word questions better since it’s my weakness and then I should be good. I hope I do better since I seem to be going back to my 8th grade’s grades, which weren’t good (typically ranging from A-C instead of A-B 9th-10th grade).

When I got home I hanged out on the server and watched some YouTube.

That’s all for today.

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