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Yesterday was a decent day all in all. I had the day off and The Man got home around 4. He had sent me a text from working asking me what I wanted to do that evening. “Get Tarot Cards” I told him. From that point I finished up studying and got ready to go out.

Disappointment greeted me swiftly when I tried a Google search to find where I could by them in our area. All I found was a few listings for psychic readings. No thanks. Wally World sells them in some stores and on line. So we ended up driving there. No dice. I shoulda known Wal-Mart in the heart of bible country would not sell Tarot cards. We had fun poking around the Halloween stuff. We found Jack The Skeleton King over the knee socks and 2 petticoats for Deedee. I stocked up on candles. The Man picked out a movie (X-Men Apocalypse) and a new plush blanket with a white Bengal tiger on it. I was highly disappointed with the no Tarot cards thing. Wally World had a huge shelf featured bible related books. Online the list the Tarot cards in the kids section. They are toys!!!

Nobody could agree on what to eat for dinner. We took the chillins out to a Chinese restaurant the kids have sworn was comparable to the ones up north. I should explain, Chinese food in the South tastes almost nothing like the Chinese food up North and since the move, I’ve been deprived. The recommendation was definitely appreciated however. Nothing so yummy as sauteed veggies in delicious sauce, peppered steak, and fried rice. I didn’t bother with chicken on a stick since it tastes nothing like chicken teriyaki. We had a good time. I made the kids pick out their fortune cookies with their eyes closed. Deedee and Snoochie used chop sticks the whole meal! Our waiter tried so hard to give a pair of chop sticks to BoBo. My boy politely declined, but skipped the whole “I have cerebral palsy” speech. Bobo doesn’t like to be reminded of his limitations. Using chop sticks would only end with a gigantic mess and a frustrated Bobo.

As for my Tarot cards, I ended up ordering a deck online. I don’t feel like driving all over creation for a silly little toy, especially when we are preparing for a hurricane. I’ll be honest here too. I also ordered a ouija board. I’ve been studying divination and both these items are tools of the trade. Do I plan on having a grave yard seance? No. I was never allowed near a ouija board as a child. With Halloween approaching curiosity has gotten the better of me. I did research some safety tips for using it and will be applying those, but really – it’s a toy.

After dinner we watched the new movie. Andy kept bringing me this ridiculous piece of string he likes to play with. Tyrion kept breaking up our tug of war game. Tyrion (or Ree Ree as we like to call him) got really amped up and got into a fight with Andy. Ugh. So we are there. We’ve entered the teenager phase of Tyrion’s kittenhood. I gave him a time out and hopefully he’ll put two and two together. Fighting = time out. He’s a cat, so who knows. Squirt bottles don’t phase him.

I’m supposed to be working all this weekend. I wonder what effect the storm will have on that. I’m sort of toying with the idea of calling out on Saturday. We have a ton of trees on our property. I’m nervous if the wind is really strong that one might fall on the house. I should get one of those door stickers for emergency personal that list how many animals are in the house. I should also figure out a plan for emergency evacuation. I guess it’ll be Tyrion in the crate, Andy and Jake in the cage, and Toothless can just hang out freely in the back seat. Can you imagine fleeing your house with 4 cats in tote!?! I should get one more carrier.

I just realized that I have quite a few odds and ends on our back deck, mainly chairs, Bobo’s squirt guns, and the cat scoops and brushes. I should ask Bobo to clean it up tonight. Don’t need that stuff flying across the yard.

Suppose that’s all for now.

3 thoughts on “Day Off and Preparations”

  1. My late sister – long before she met the man she married – played oija and asked the board who she would marry. It spelled his very unusual foreign name. Which at the time she thought was just gibberish. True story.

    Be safe from the storm. I do hope it is a non-storm for you.


  2. Thanks. Blessed be I don’t live in an area that is being evacuated – I live just outside of it. Still Mother Nature is full of surprises so why get caught with my pants down so to speak?

    I’ve been checking updates on the storm on a frequent basis. The media is really emphasizing on preparation and safety. I will take their advice to heart. I’ve been making lots of ice for the cooler, have candles, flash lights, and batteries, a stock pile of food and water, and I’ve stocked my jeep as well incase we need to flee. I think we are ready 🙂

    Oh and I’ve been doing non stop laundry because I don’t want dirty clothes stinking up the house if we lose power.

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