Chemo today was very busy.  I didn’t have to see my oncologist but got some answers to my questions from my oncology nurse. 

Item #1  I am supposed to call my pcp when my blood pressure reading is over 140-141.  So on first reading it was 171.  WOW!!!!!  Remember I am on new bp meds.   I waited for a while and my nurse took it again manually and it was 142.  SO do  I call my pcp? 

Item #2  I asked if low magnesium levels could cause the leg and hand cramps I get.  My nurse put in to have magnesium levels checked and I am supposed to call back Friday for results.  Could it mean another pill?  If so I hope it is real small.

Item #3  This is as I susupected.  Estrogen does indeed cause cancer cells to grow.  Low estrogen causes stiffness that I have been experiencing.  Chemo targets the estrogen.  Something to talk to doctor about HOWEVER hormone replacement therapy will currently and maybe forever be out of the question.  SO welcome to feeling like a 90 year old woman maybe forever.  What is that ACTUAL AGE=62+ FEEL LIKE AGE =90+. 

Life just is not easy now is it?

Next week is another echo to check the old ticker aka heart muscle.  End of month is oncologist appointment.  And that my friends is the month of October.  Kind of spooky isn’t it?

Welcome hurricane what is your name again?  You are targeting where my brother and some cousins live.   My brother has to work.  Telecom doesn’t stop for ANYTHING I suppose.  Says he will be in a safe building with food and water and other people.  STAY AWAY HURRICANE WHAT’S YOUR NAME.  Prayers for all.  Be safe.

5 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Hey I learned something new. I never realized they retired hurricane names after they were used. Thanks for the information. Now I wonder when they started naming them. Thank you too for the positive comments. I really do appreciate them all and believe me they do and are helping.

  2. I don’t know how really brave I am but my reason for sharing so much of this journey is that maybe it may help someone out there who is dealing with this or maybe help someone who is a friend or caregiver of someone who is dealing with this. Just how bad are the side effects of treatment. What are the treatments really like. Is what I am feeling normal. How much does something hurt. I hope that in telling things like they truly are on my blog that something may help someone out there. Believe me I am not all that strong or all that brave but writing things down and knowing that people are reading them and making comments (thanks mucho much for them) is sort of a release and allows me to see and accept things that are going on if that make sense. The true little soldiers to me are the little kids who are going through things so much worse than me and often don’t understand what is even going on. God bless those little ones who have to endure so much and God bless their families who are made to stand by helplessly to watch. I know it is not the same but once again maybe , just maybe something I write on here will be of some help to somebody.

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