Picture of Halloween last year, taking Harry for a walk…he was wearing a skeleton baby bodysuit thing which also had a matching hat, he was only four months old here. I remember my sister took this photo…she’d come down from Farnborough to help as mum had not long been diagnosed with cancer and was already in hospital having a hysterectomy to get rid of her tumour. I couldn’t have managed everything had my sister and then my aunt from Mexico had not come down to help. I am so glad I got Harry through that time, he’s completely fine 🙂 My mum finished her treatment on June 9th this year and Harry turned one on June 15th.

I’m feeling sad tonight, so I was looking through the pictures of Harry and I really like this one (I like it even better when you open my entry to read and it’s cut most of my face off). I saw this and realised October this year is SO much better than October last year…I guess I’m trying to remember that things really can get better. This time last year really was awful but it’s better now, my mum got better, Harry is fine, even I’m more or less ok! 🙂 It’ll be alright in the end.

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  1. Damn right it things will get better sweets 🙂 just try to remember how much you’ve already come through and smiled another day despite everything that has happened, you are a strong independent alternative woman who don’t need no man! 😀 x

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