XAT and Oh This is my first entry! and Hoping not to be the last

Im so stress right now, Im thinking of you know.. ending my life?. I mean It’s not fault, but I have participation on that problem. There are nights that I cannot sleep and talking to myself cannot ease the pain or should I say it is the other way around, talking to myself make it worse. Why I am such an over thinker? I dont know. I should learn to live from “the present” as they call it. Is it safe to say that is my KARMA?  or maybe not.. All I know is I want to finish it all, and forget everything.  This is all for now….

3 thoughts on “XAT and Oh This is my first entry! and Hoping not to be the last”

  1. Dear Charlotte…..don’t think anymore about ending your life. Please. It is too precious, a handcrafted gift from God. Yes, even during the hard times. And He loves you because you are His child. Instead of talking to yourself, talk to Jesus. He will always listen, I promise. God bless you.

  2. im an over thinker too, an over analyzer, a worrier. i understand. iknow how it feels to be overwhelmed by your thoughts. dont be so hard on yourself. sometimes we are our own worst enemy. whatver it is you’ll get through it. things change daily. you have to help yourself gain strength to overcome your thoughts and replae them hopes. dreams, goals for yourself. you can do it. replace those negative thoughts with good ones its hard but you can do it.

  3. Hi, Thank you so much! Im trying my best not to be an over thinker but sometimes the weather make it worse. I know it’s funny blaming the weather, but rain makes me more sad. I just had my weakest point yesterday. Thank you so much, your words help me a lot.

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