Day 222 – Different day

Thursday, October 6th 2016

Today was different. I started off with alimentation and we went out to the garden since we’re going to be planting things soon. We chose to plant green beans for our group, so that’s gonna be fun. I also saw Kohai running in the distance during her gym class.

I then had programmation and I managed to make my website work, so that’s fun! I’m going to be finishing up everything and I can start building my website, which is our final exam and we aren’t even half way through the semester, but I also have to start studying a bit for our HTML test next week, but that’s on a Friday, so I have plenty of time.

I ate lunch with my close friends; been a while. They were gone on a camping trip apparently. I was on my phone for quite a bit though, since they were talking about subjects I didn’t know about.

I then had math and I asked Kohai for some help. I seem to understand a lot of things better, so I feel like I’m gonna do at least decent on the test.

We finished with technology and Kohai posted her staff application. We also switched subjects and now we’re starting with 3D modeling. I feel a little nervous while learning it, because it is what I’ll be doing as a career, modelling and animating, so I constantly ask myself “is this what I wanna do, will I be able to do it”, etc., but I just started, so we’ll see.

When I got home I watched YouTube and played on the server a little before eating and it wasn’t a pleasant supper, so I made myself a chocolate mug cake. Afterwards I finished my math homework and studied before playing on the server some more, talking to the owners about Kohai’s application and them being very sarcastically funny about it, but not telling me what they think about it yet (might be so I don’t tell her) and joked on how they’d like to promote her only so that she could tell secrets about who I like cause apparently to them, every guy I talk to I have a crush on (cause I’m a teenager therefore I do, according to them). Also we played Dead by Daylight and I got really lucky. My mom was bugging me though cause it was past when I usually get off, but I don’t understand why she can’t wait until I finish a game and tells me to get off in the middle of it… She says she’s trying to sleep, but I can just close the door and be quiet, plus it isn’t even late when I get off the computer anyway, it’s usually at 9 pm, so the problem isn’t me staying up late.

That’s all for today.


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