Drug Use & Parenting (Is this you?)

There has been a recent trend of pictures and videos revealing a horrible ugliness about the heroin epidemic plaguing the United States.

The first picture that came to my attention was that of a small boy in the back seat of a car. In front of him, his grandmother / caregiver was od’ing. She’s comatose, dead eyes, slumped in the seat, her skin has a blue tinge to it. The driver of the car, grandma’s boyfriend was also od’ing. This small boy who should have been in preschool reading Dr. Seuss or climbing the monkey bars witnessed a very ugly demon that’s leaking through out our society. Grandma was his guardian. She should have been protected him. Instead… ugh… My stomach churns.

The next was a photo of a gorgeous little baby being held in the arms of a police woman. The baby’s father had just od’ed and died. Her mother had od’ed, but was able to be revived. Who will care for this precious child now? Her tiny life is so vulnerable. She is at our mercy.

The next ugly thing I bore witness to was a video of a young girl in pajamas. Her mother took her to the store, od’ed, and collapsed on the floor. The scared child tried so hard to wake her mom up. As a parent this crushes my soul.

A seven year old girl’s parents didn’t wake up to get her ready for school. The little Angel that she is, got herself ready, and went to school like it was any other day. On the bus ride home she confided her fears to her driver. The authorities came. Her parents had od’ed and died. They left 4 children behind.

If you’re reading this and your an addict, please get help. Don’t let your children go through this.

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  1. Seems like I’m stalking your journal but this is a problem in the UK too and sometimes our authorities don’t even take the poor kids out of the horrible situation their in, I had an ex partner (sperm donor to my eldest 2) who was also a drug addict/alcoholic/whatever could alter his consciousness would do him just fine, unfortunately he never could get himself back to “normal” for any longer than a few weeks, they don’t know or care enough about themselves or the people that care for them to help themselves its the nature of the drug its soul destroying, I hope that other people do find the strength but from my experience (he’s still in and out of prison now and on drugs last I heard) there’s no helping people that don’t want to help themselves its sad but true :/ on an extra note though I do commend anyone out there who I might have offended if you are on the wagon in anyway bloody good on you 🙂

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