Morning Exhaustion

I had enough sleep  but I woke up exhausted today, probably its because my blanket was not enough to give me warmth, and my body used much energy maintaining my body temperature. I have many things to read, and I am somehow worried that I am not doing any experiment yet. I have to report in the lab next week.  My tutor is still on travel and he said that we will start doing the experiment in the middle of October. I am thankful though that I have someone to guide me in my research now, and the thought that I will not be alone in my experiment is comforting.

There are still many things I have to learn about my field and my weakness is that I cannot retain as much information from what I have read, so I have to write it down in my notebook in a summarized form. Writing down also takes time and I don’t have much time. My penmanship is also messy and I don’t wanna read my writings for a second time after I wrote it down. 

Last night I had chat with my friend (girl). It was a break from my nerdy routine of reading journals. 

Things are going on well in my relationship with my boyfriend now. We encountered lots of trials and temptations in our 4 and a half years of relationship together. 

My grandmother died recently. It was a peaceful death. I miss her. She has good and kind character. She is smiling and happy go lucky. I looked at the old black and white pictures of my grandma and my mom when they were younger. Oh how short our time is in this planet earth! I am afraid of growing up too soon. It will be sad when your vision is no longer looking forward towards your goal and dreams in the future, but only reminiscing about the past, because looking towards the future will be scary like death. Anyway we cannot fight time. Everybody will become old. We just have to make the most of our living in this planet earth and enjoy and be thankful we were given the gift of life. I just hope that when I reach the old age, I wont have many regrets, and I will think happily when I think about the past,  and I would be prepared for a second spiritual life in the future. 

Now I gotta prepare for school. Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “Morning Exhaustion”

  1. A nice day to you, too! Growing old has some benefits, actually. Wisdom, perspective, learning to take one day at a time. I’ve been married 46 years and we are happier now than in our early years. Don’t be afraid of the future. It’s in God’s hands, and so are you. Love life, as you do, that’s good. Follow your dreams! Catch them and enjoy them!! If you love Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior, your afterlife is secure and more beautiful than anything this world has to offer. It’s all good. Try giving thanks for the little things that go right in your day. It’s a whole other way of life. I wish you much joy for many, many years to come!!

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