8th October 2016

My morning thought well one of them at least is – I like to talk and write about sex! It doesn’t say in the small print if one is allowed to write about sex?! So fuck it!

I love short sexy stories that turn you on and make you go wild on his ass! Love hearing how people enjoy my stories, love writing about and sharing my experiences…

Loosing my ‘big V’ A VERY LONG TIME AGO…

I wake up Boxing Day morning, hang over from Hell and one mental NB to myself… ‘you lost it tonight, can you remember any of it?’  I sit on the loo too pee. Screeching as the burning sensation reminded me all of what I wanted to forget from the night before! Throwing myself at the high schools bad boy and having sex, in my friend’s parent’s bed is not something I’m going to forget quickly! It was quick, messy, sore and well that’s all I can remember at this point! Looking in sheer disgust at myself in the mirror as I cough and realize wow!! shit!! Fuck!! No fucking way!! Did I actually?! Who invented alcoholic drinks anyways?! I need my best friend!!

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