It’s here….

I would be lieing if I said I wasn’t scared to go to sleep right now. It’s 3:41 am. I got home from work more than an hour ago. Outside is dark. Rain is streaming down in big, fat wet drops. Wind rips through the trees rattling the branches.

We are far enough away that we aren’t in an evacuation zone. If we were, we would have packed up. I don’t think we’re in any danger because we are a good distance away. Still some where off in the distancing to the right of me a hurricane is creeping slowly out. I think things to myself “What if there’s a tornado?” It’s raining and pitch black outside, we wouldn’t see it coming. They say it sounds like a freight train.

Awake, I am not that scared of it. The what if’s get me. What if it comes while I am sleeping. So far we haven’t lost power. There’s a big tree in our front yard. What if it smashes throw. As silly and childish as it seems, I am leaving the hallway light on. I’ll wake up if we lose power and it goes out.

The Man has to work tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow evening. I really don’t want to call out. I also don’t want to go out tomorrow.

And now for a little comedy, a fryer caught fire at work tonight. It was nothing serious. Big Boss got it out in  seconds. My back was turned when it got ignited. My back was turned to it. I heard a gusty whoosh sound and my back felt a flash of heat. I whirled around and abracadabra  flaming fire. I was the first to notice it. Me being me, cracked up for a good second, and then called out “fire.” It happened because someone filtered it and turned it on before adding new oil. Won’t see that mistake repeated for awhile 🙂

Tomorrow should be interesting.

3 thoughts on “It’s here….”

  1. I pray that you will be safe, and your big tree and your house, and all your loved ones—safe from the storm. It IS scary. When the wind blows it rattles me. I think you’ll be fine. Hugs.

  2. Hope you’re ok out there, try not to worry yourself too much and get some sleep if you can, also I would’ve crapped my pants with the fryer fire they bloody terrify me!

  3. I hope the storm is no where near as bad as predicted, I live in the UK so it rains all day and all night but usually never anything that cuts power or threatens lives or anything. I get scared sometimes when I visit my family in Mexico because they have an active volcano and I’ve been in two earthquakes over there xxx

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