Lofty Goals

Has something ever crossed your mind briefly, but it continued to invade your thoughts for more brief moments until it become all consuming? It is something seemingly impossible. So far outside your current abilities let alone outside your comfort zone. The idea excites you beyond belief, but it also terrifies the shit out of you. 


That’s precisely where I sit. 


I have thought about doing a half-marathon for months. After having this surgery, and going through the struggles I’ve gone through so far, I want to do something to show my strength – to prove my strength. I’m not trying to prove it to anyone, but myself. I want to show myself that I can accomplish something of this magnitude. I can do this. I have the will power, the determination, the ability to accomplish this. It is a fucking LOFTY goal. The weight of that is not lost on me. 

So I start on Monday. I start training for a half-marathon. I will be running/jogging/walking 13.1 miles, and I am going to own that shit. Just watch me.


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