My Friday journal

Woke up early today. Ended up at the office around 9 AM. Took some time to work on the sharefav project. Not quite sure about the name but that what I call for now. It’s working good for now but I want to add group feature which is little challenge to implement but I’m going my best to make it happen!

Started a day with a meeting and did 2 projects. Well, one of them is on going that I’m making a change on member dashboard to make it more user friendly and attractive. Collaborating with art team and hoping to get the best out of it! I got attacked my a horrible headache again today around lunch time that I had to take Tylenol to get rid of it. I think it worked but took a while to kick in. Also, still having issues with eating and digesting with a back and abdominal pain. Sounds like I have a serious issue lol

Weird thing tho, I feel so much better after skating for 2 hours in Santa Monica. We had over 10 people tonight and skated over 10 miles through out the city. Good crowed and skate. Always makes me feel much better. We ended up at the bar tonight and had two beer there and paid around $50 lol. Don’t really mind tho. Back home around 1 AM and just took a shower before this. 1:30 AM already and I think I’m ready to sleep. Goodnight All!

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