of Fireball. I’m sick. my left nostril is stuffed. my face feels puffed. Binge writing is a terrible thing because you start out so well for the first couple of days(excuse me while I wipe the snot coming out of my nose) but hten you forget. Then you wonder where you can let your thoughts out. “I really want to keep this going though” are the thoughts that circulate and circulate knowing full well that procrastination is just aroundt he corner. Patient. Waiting. Procrastinating his own arrival. It’s a he. Do you ever give a gender to certain words? Procrastination is male to me. Ivy is female to me. Iphone is ambiguous. agender. nonbinary. No the word I’m looking for is….is…..is…is…a blank. Drunk writing does not produce good writing sometimes. Androgynous! I”m quite pleased.

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