Omg why am I so annoyed like 24/7??? I’m even annoyed with my freaking keyboard. I’m annoyed with math.

Omg why am I crying again?? am I depressed?? am i just wallowing in self-pity??? what the hell. what the freaking hell. calm down, girl. everybody is at home. You can’t break down now. For goodness sake, it’s not even night yet.

Omg why do I keep snapping at others?? why?? I feel bad inside and outside and argh I feel like my brain is a freaking huge jumbled mess. 

Omg pull yourself tgt. Please. You’re stronger than this. What is it that’s making you cry anyway? Idk. I can’t even blame it on a video.

What’s wrong with me???

2 thoughts on “help”

  1. I hate to sound condescending hun but its just being a teenager, hormones, growing up and coming to terms with your own mind, you’re not depressed, your just having a bad day, put on your favourite music, eat a chocolate bar and don’t over think so much , you’re fine just going through a lot of changes 🙂 trust me it was only like 9 years ago for me that I was your age and I remember feeling exactly the same, you’ll grow out of it 🙂

  2. Darylanna pretty much said it all. Hormones will make you feel crazy, not sexy. But this will pass. I loved your take off on “Sixteen going on seventeen.” You are a poet! Try putting your feelings into poetry, no matter how grim. Always keep a journal — here or elsewhere. And talk to Jesus, He will never fail you. He loves you dearly, whether you know Him yet or not. Blessings to you!

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