02:37 What am I even doing to my already screwed up biological clock? Exams tomorrow, girl!

Still, today (or yesterday) was okay. Math was more okay than expected. Chem is not okay but I’ll deal with that tomorrow. Academic stress seems so trivial when everyone else has lives to worry about.

I still haven’t figured out what exactly triggered my breakdown and how to tackle it :/ Wish I had some Psychology 101: How To Dissect Your Brain or something haha.

Just recalled an article I saw while flipping through the newspapers. About teenage suicide rising. Scares me to think that one of those suicidal teens could potentially be me if I can’t cope emotionally. Suicide rates among 10-19 y/os in Singapore are at 15-year high, even though overall suicide rates were lowest since 2012. On a facing page was an article about peer support and peer counseling. Okay I had a bunch of things to say about that but I’m too sleepy right now! 

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