Autumn Gorgeousness!!

That’s about all I can say about our weather lately…..gorgeous!  Been doing some fall cleanup and such. I put down new tiles in my bath on Friday and it really freshened up that room! I got a new bath mat and washed the shower curtain and hung a new liner…..looks so nice!  I got out RJ and S’s winter clothes washed and put away last week as well.  I’ve not done mine yet but will next week probably.  I want to take my AC out and just have the open window at night until it becomes too cold to do so….I love smelling fresh air and like the temp in my room a little on the chilly side for sleeping.  Got new curtains for my kitchen….I have a rooster/hen theme in there and got a good deal on clearance curtains with a dark tan background and some handsome roosters on them.  They are much thicker and will be nicer for the winter.  This weekend was our towns annual pioneer days festival.  The weather was perfect and town was PACKED all weekend. I went and got a few items….some new Christmas ornaments.  I have a tradition where I hang an ornament on my tree for every family member.  I try to have the ornament represent the persons personality….for instance my nephew is a photographer and his ornament is a Tweety Bird with an old fashioned camera….another nephew is an old Scrooge about Christmas and his ornament is Taz chewing up a string of Christmas lights.  lol  Anyway we added a few members to our family this year so I needed to find ornaments for them and of course couldn’t pass up the most adorable light up gingerbread house for myself!!  lol  Today I went and did my weekly shopping and that’s about it for today!  RJ is in the beginning stages of a cold and was a little bear today…..grumpy!!!  Well that’s it for now…..more soon!

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