Desires in Life

I tend to live my life by following rules. Rules in family, mostly. This might happen to everyone. But as I am growing older (maybe mature also), slowly I find out that all I want is to be free. Do whatever I like. I don’t like rules, I don’t like other people force what the right thing for me to do. When finally I can ignore those people, then I will feel alive. Not only live. See the difference?

I like working in office, F&B industry. I call it as needs. I need the money so I work. But why do I need money? I need them to make me feel thing called convenience and comfort. Why do I need those stuffs? To be happy.

I like deep conversation, so when my bf wondered what does he want in life, I gave him those answers. I told him, we want freedom, comfort, and happiness. And we will always put many efforts in the process. Hard? I know. Some are torturing. But we have options to make it easier. How? We can choose the job that we like. You don’t like numbers, don’t be an Accountant. You don’t like selling things, don’t be Sales person. I realised we are the one who create our stories! You want drama, keep on dealing with those drama queens. Don’t like it? Leave them.

I am happy for people surround me. Including my bf. I am seeking for comfort and love in relationship. Many effort of course. No pain no gain. That what makes life is wonderful. We are just humans, with lots of desires. 🙂

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