Difficulty Starting

It is always difficult for me to start doing what I have to do. For example, Today, instead of making a powerpoint presentation which I have to show to my new tutor tomorrow, I spend most of the morning cleaning the bathroom, throwing trash out, washing clothes, heating my food and washing dishes, along with answering a call from my boyfriend.

My new research is a difficult unknown subject for me and I also have to read some background information behind my study. My presentation in the lab will be this week. I  want to start doing experiment so that I will have some results to show in my report but I still have to wait for my new tutor. 

Last night I had a good conversation with my boyfriend and he opened up to me about his problems in the workplace. The people there were not treating him well, and they also passed their jobs to him, causing inconvenience to him cause he also had his own work to do. Those jobs that are passed to him are not even credited to him,  but to those people. 

Instead of quarreling him, I would like to show my emotional support for him. He needs it and it I think I have a duty to him as a girlfriend. Motivate him and not add to his own problems. 

Sometimes I question myself why I chose this major of mine …when the actual thing I wanted to do was observe peoples actions, try to read people’s minds, find the root cause of their fights and quarrels, cook extraordinary food, and read about diseases and ways to treat them. Anyway I don’t dislike my field. It is just that…if I want to pass…. my nerdy hours should be much greater than my relaxation hours. 

Autumn is coming. I did not have a good autumn experience last year, because some people in the lab were not treating me well. Maybe it will be better this time around. 

Gotta start making  my powerpoint now.

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