I don’t fit in and I don’t want to either!

Eurgh!! I hate the school run… Not because its stressful, (though it is sometimes) not because I don’t like getting up early, (even if I don’t sometimes) and its not because its a long arduous journey, no I hate the school run because of the other parents.

I don’t know if its because I have stagnant bitch face (you know where when you’re stood with no expression on your face and for some reason you just look plain angry as hell) or if its the way I look/dress/dye my hair or if its my age compared to some of the other parents (even though I’m 25 now) but they all avoid me.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy with that to be honest, as there is only 2 of the parents at my kids school that I actually know and like but its the stares and the funny looks when attempting to strike up conversation with another mum/dad because of a class invitation to a birthday party or some other reason that gripes my craw.

Yesterday for example, I walk up to another mum with my youngest (who had received an invitation from said mums son) to ask about the birthday party and to rsvp, well the way she looked at me was like I had sprouted 3 heads… Yes she smiled and seemed polite enough but I’m good at reading people (I’ve had to be but that’s a journal for another day) and the eyes give away a hell of a lot and I could tell she wasnt thrilled to be talking to me.

I may shave part of my hair off, dye it funky colours (its blue and black and purple at the moment) and I have a penchant for weird and wonderful leggings (I have a pair that are covered in rainbows with an armoured t Rex on one leg and a unicorn on the other for example) but for the love of wine I’m not an alien there’s no need to look at me like I’m from a freak show.

Eurgh!! And they wonder why I prefer to listen to music rather than attempt to talk to any of them… Anyway rant over time to make myself another cuppa because I forgot about the one I got halfway through making because I started writing this haha 🙂

Have a lush day everyone!

5 thoughts on “I don’t fit in and I don’t want to either!”

  1. I think you are a lovely lady—judging by the picture, if that is you. You look like you would not be all huggy and gushy like lots of young mothers. You look bright and sensible and fun. I love the leggings with the t rex and unicorn. Keep on being wonderful you! You add sparkle to the planet!

  2. I’m beginning to feel like we’d get along very well 🙂

    I hate dealing with the other parents at my kids school. I feel like they are always judging me. I feel like superficial things really matter to them. Other than our kids we don’t seem to have much in common. Other parents seem to think I give my kids slack. Uh, what business of that is yours? All 3 of mine get straight A’s, don’t get in trouble at school OR at home. Oh and mine confide in me. That’s right. I get first hand insight into their lives. When they are older and get into sticky situations I know mine will call me for help. Can these other moms say the same? Meh, thought not.

    I have several factors that add up to me as the odd chick out. I’m very, very small. I’m not even 5 feet in height. I have a love affair with black eye liner. I listen to different music, not the mainstream hits on the radio. I have the face of a teenager and at the same time I have resting bitch face. I look more like Deedee’s sister than her mother. So what? I have good genetics.

    I happily keep to myself at school events. I use to make more of an effort, but the clique factor really discourages me. Oh well. Guess I’ll use that free time to invest in my kids instead.

    Thanks for letting me ramble while I sip my coffee in my ultra comfy skull leggings 🙂

  3. What I call the resting-bitch-face is totally fine and okay. Why bother wasting energy trying to be polite and all PC if it isn’t going to be mutual effort?? Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind 🙂

  4. Thanks savedbygrace 🙂 haha yes that is definitely me!
    Therealgoddessianna, love your comment it has to be my favourite, wish you were one of the mums in my kids school would be bloody grand 😀 that’s exactly the relationship I have with my lil ones and I like to think it will continue as they get older 🙂 haha! I’m the same not all that tall, my 17 year old sister looks older than me and psychedelic leggings and bright hair is me all over, the cliques eurgh! Tell me about it there’s just no need we’re not in high school anymore…. And ramble away sweets I’m exactly the same, talk a class eye to sleep, polka dot leggings for me today though 🙂
    Too true icanfly 🙂 bugger them all anyways I’ll keep me resting bitch face and raise them sarcastic grin taboot 😀

  5. Hey rebel 🙂 I bet you’re totally rocking the rainbow hair! Feck them is what I think and plus how could they be so cynical and closed minded? If your little boy is happy (which I’d bet me last fiver he most definitely is :D) then who are they to judge? They would soon be in uproar if we said anything like “oh my days look how boring their dressed I bet their shit parents” makes me so fangry -_-
    Thanks so much sweets it really means a lot :’) you keep on with your awesome, inspiring self too hun and don’t mind them “normal” people they’re just jealous that we can pull off such an alternative look without looking like a clown 😀 xxx

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