I’m so broke its not even funny

So I went to the bar and told the bartender I just quit my job and they gave me a job instantly. It was great. 

I like bartending. I like getting cash tips. I’ve only done it twice so far but super worth it I think. I just need a consistent schedule and I’ll be good. 

I decided to just stay away from the whole D situation. I like him but that shit is way to crazy for me. I need a good influence.

E my best friend, has an upstairs neighbor his name is S****. She kinda hooked me up with him. 

It’s been going pretty good so far. He’s very good looking. 

He is like stereotypically hot. Like if you think hot blonde model, boom there ya go. 

It sucked. It was like a bunny who scratched a lot. Not worth it. 

But he’s good to talk to. Very smart actually. I would date him but seriously, and I know this makes me sound like an awful person. Sex sucks. That’s a deal breaker for me. 

I suck I know. 

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