Dear Diary, 

My name is Sirioku and I’m an ordinary teenager from Chandler, AZ. 

Lately, I have been very depressed because of the way my father’s treating me. Things he had been saying to me lately are including but not limited to:

“You hate everyone, don’t expect to be loved back!”

“I’m fed up with you!”

“You will have nothing in life!”

“Fat legs, eh? I’m thinking you might need to eat a little less to cut off that belly fat and tighten up your butt.”

He kicked me in my bottom the other day as well. 

He doesn’t care about my pain. He doesn’t care about anything. He often threatens to take away the things I’m attached to, like theatre, horses, writing, or drawing. He tries to make me into who he wants me to be, not really giving a crap about my own ambitions. Yesterday, he tried to take away my dreams…

For the past few days I have been hurting myself. Not cutting, of course, but some minor scratches are visible still.

I’m Christian, and the only thing I have been asking God for is a good friend who would listen and actually care. Who would never abandon me, and for whom I would be their first choice. I have two friends right now, of course, but they have other friends to whom they give more attention than to me. I’m an outcast. 

For the past week I cried more than I have had in half a year. I just want to go someplace where there would be a good friend I can trust, because guess what? I trust no one.

My mom and grandma treat me fairly, and so I don’t want to and will not call any of this CPS sh… I mean, stuff.

I really want a hug…



If you do care (which is unlikely) then you can e-mail me at

I don’t have a phone, though, and besides, my father would probably take it away from me and read all my texts.

3 thoughts on “Please”

  1. Your dad is very offensive. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but he’s just not a good dad. I am so sorry you didn’t get a better dad. I didn’t have any dad after 3 years old, so I learned to rely on Jesus. I’m glad you’re a Christian, because that means you know Him. You can lean on Him and cry out to Him, and He will always be there for you, your closest friend (who sticks closer than a brother). I am 65 years old, so too old to be your best friend, and you need someone close by. But I will send you my email in case you want to talk to a “grandmother” type. I have a lot of love to give because Jesus is in my heart, too.
    And I do send you love and hugs, and prayers. Bless your heart!

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