Saturday coding

Some reason I got up too early than I wanted to. Well, actually that’s been happening for awhile now. Just can’t sleep in till 12 PM on weekends. I decided to get out after doing a laundry and had a lunch following by hours of coding at the coffee shop on Beverly. Walked around the neighborhood to find a new place. Ended up at a new sushi place and coffee shop a cross the street. Both were pretty good. I spent about 4 hours there at the coffee shop coding crazy on my fav app. It’s moving but it also gets bigger and bigger. This implementing a group feature really takes awhile and headache. I had to get out and walk around at the end cause I actually got a headache lol.

Walked about an hour back to home. Then went out dinner with Ashely at Korean BBQ place call Kogi King. Decent place compare to price. Also stopped by at Korean grocery market to get a desert and raspberry wine. Spent some time at my roof top with her to chat then I headed over to Dosung’s for drinking. Did’t drink much just couple beers and spent hour trying to get my app work. I had to spent some time when I got back to home to see what’s going on at 2 in the morning. Little bit crazy on that but I like it.

Went sleep after 2 AM after taking a shower and looking around the app. Good day!

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