What’s working in your life?

What’s working in your life?


I finally have something in my life that is actually working out well, and who knew it was a decision I made and it’s working! (For those who haven’t read any other entries, I don’t typically make good life choices so this is new lol).  I have taken a hiatus from sex and men, as someone who band aids her feelings with sex this was huge for me. It has now been almost 7 weeks and I haven’t had sex, haven’t been on any dating websites etc. It’s actually kind of a relief..

I have a few men that I talk to but it’s nothing serious, I have been upfront with them and told them I will not be dating or having sex so we can remain friends. It’s hard at times because I have to actually feel my emotions which is something I am not used to but I’m slowly realizing my worth, I’ve stopped having random sex which is always a plus and oddly enough have had more offers for sex/dates than ever before and am turning them all down. 6 weeks ago I sadly, would have probably had sex with each of them and this time I just don’t feel the need to. I don’t need the validation anymore. I haven’t sent a nude picture to anyone in weeks, I just don’t care.

It’s quite liberating to be honest, to not have to answer to anyone, to not have my emotions based on if things are going well with someone. I could get used to thinking of myself and no one else. It’s nice.


*Offer me something I cannot find in myself*



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