Got an offer on the house!

 For the past 4 months, I have felt overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, upset, angry, etc…. So many things going through my head at once, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. All I wanted to do was to catch my breath but I couldn’t.

I took a big breath of relief today. 

We had to give away our German Shepherd and our cat since my (soon to be ex) husband decided to screw up my refinance. This has been devastating to say the least, they were my babies, but I couldn’t keep them where I was living. I couldn’t even get an apartment because I was paying half of the mortgage and the utilities still.

Come to find out — both my beautiful babies have amazing homes. My ex wasn’t really updating me with all of it, but.. OUR REALTOR TOOK OUR CAT! The minute he told me I started bawling, asking him tons of questions, “How is she?!” Apparently he absolutely adores her, and she even cuddles him (she never cuddled me!). I am still crying happy tears. I’m so glad she has a good home. Can you believe that the man selling our house for us decided to keep our cat? That is so nuts to me.

Anyway – we got an offer on our house. After all the fees, we’ll both be making about $8,000 each. Wow. That seems like such a big amount of money. What do I even do with that?! Travel, save it, go back to school?

I am so relieved… and for the first time in 4 months, I am hopeful. Everything is going to be okay, journal. I promise.

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