I don’t want to grow up

It’s already been a week since I moved from my hometown to start college in a new city. I’m living with two flatmates which seem to be the exact opposite: one of them is extremely clean and the other one doesn’t want to clean anything. And… they are too old 🙁 Everyone in my class has young flatmates, but mine are more than 5 years older than me -one of them isn’t even a student. 

I remember when I thought that living alone had to be great… now I know I was wrong. It really sucks. As I’m studying, I can’t cook and I have to go and buy food when I forget to get the things out of the freezer. It also makes me sad that I can’t see my parents everyday now. 

And there’s also the thing that it looks like I lost my best friend. She never talks to me anymore, doesn’t tell me her things or asks me about mine. 

To sum up, it seems like this year isn’t going to be really funny. I just wish that bastard had corrected my exam properly and I hadn’t got to be away from home. But I guess I had to grow up, and eventually learn that life sucks, right? There is always someone who’s going to screw you, and it looks I learnt that out of time. 


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to grow up”

  1. It sounds like you’re homesick, and you have every right to be. Moving away from home and parents for the first time is a huge change. It will get better, gradually. It really will.

  2. Coming of age is not fun, but you have your youth and make these time count as once they are past you can never recover them. Live life to the fullest, look for the silver lining in everything! Smile, keep a light heart, be joyful and at peace.
    Take some time and go home to see your parents, you need that it sounds like.
    Take this opportunity to learn about others, use you flatmates as a subject to study and you will be amazed at the humor you can find in them!
    Hang in there, you can do it!

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