I just want to live up a mountain

Its official… I cannot be bothered to deal with this whole living in a rented house, in a village, with neighbours and a landlord.

I do not want to live on a street, I do not want to live next door to anyone and I do not want to have to pay rent or deal with a landlord that does jack shit in the way of fixing up my house…. My dream is to gather up over the next few years the essentials I would need to live “off grid”, generators, solar panels and things you generally need to build a livable house and set up on a nice plateau somewhere and just live. 

Its not that I’m all that anti social (depending on who I’m with you can’t get me to shut up) or that in some sort or deranged psychopath that wants to live in the woods like a wildman, I just don’t like the day to day hustle of living in a village/town/city or whatever and trust me I’ve moved around a hell of a lot, I just want peace, quiet, to live somewhere tranquil and to live off the land (at least I would have way more to do then), nothing seems more amazing to me than that.

It just gets too much this “normal” life and I just can’t find a place that I want to call home forever… hope one day I’ll get to do this….

3 thoughts on “I just want to live up a mountain”

  1. We’re in a similar issue.

    Ideally I want to OWN a house that sits at the end of a long, dirt drive way. I’d love a thicket of trees to block said house from view.

    I’d love to be in the middle of no where with farm animals and gardens to help us stock up on the essentials.

    For us, it’s slowly in the works. We rent a ridiculously cheap house while we save up for a plot of land to build on.

  2. That does sound really lush 🙂 I’ll be saving up over the next few years for the same thing, a lovely plot to build on and have a few animals and a nice patch to grow on (the man doesn’t like the idea may consider using him as fertilizer if he doesn’t agree eventually haha), rent isn’t always cheap over here if you want space its so annoying. I’ve got so far to go but it’ll be worth it in the end 🙂 aww I hope a lush plot pops up for you soon 🙂 x

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