I was wrong


 I was wrong. I shouldn’t have told you to go away. I want you here. I want to laugh. I get so worked up and upset but then once I hear your voice I flip a switch, my anger dissipates and I want to crawl into the phone and come to you. See your smile, your face, your eyes. You help melt away my selfish frustration. I want to talk more about our days, our nights, our thoughts. I want to hear your voice. Three days will be hard and I know there is good reasoning, I just miss my good mornings. I don’t know why I default to pushing you away. I always want you here with me. You light me up. You put me on a cloud. How are you? Are you think of me at all? Do you feel lost too? Are you mad at me for my last statement yesterday? I’m worried you are. I’m so sorry. I become so lost and confused between us. I hope your okay.

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