My Introduction into Hell

Let’s see it all started back in 1991 I worked construction for a family friend and was living in an old motel on Hastings off a Lougheed highway my neighbour was a guy named Dennis Lazar and he had a girlfriend named Patricia Debei and those  to fought  like cats and dogs almost every day , it was getting  to be too much for me to listen to I grew up in a home where violence was a common place and there was no way I was going to continue to live next to this and not do anything .  So when afternoon Dennis and Patricia we’re going at it I can hear things getting thrown around people getting thrown against wall and I’ve had enough so I went and pounded on their door , Patricia Opened the door  and immediately ran outside and told me that he was stabbing her so when I started to walk into the unit  I made eye contact with Dennis and he ran out to the bathroom  and jumped out the window . Patricia ask your mom if she could stay at her place and her mom said no I guess it has history of fighting and violence  between the two of them ,  so feeling sure that this poor girl had no place to go because of me I thought obligated to ask her if she want to stay with me until she found a place and she excepted call two weeks later she asked me if I would go to court I heard to have to testify against Dennis he was being charged with attempted murder .  And I said I would and that was it my life is over from there everywhere I went she showed up I go to baseball games she show up and go to my sisters she would show up I wanted nothing to do with her but friendship , eventually he broke me down and we started seeing  each other ,even though I really didn’t want to because my life was going great I had a good job . On the weekends I was playing Softball  with my Bro’s drinkinga drinking a few beers-life was Great .  She lied and said that she was into sports and she like going out  and doing things that I like to do , just to find out in the end that she didn’t like sports he hated me  just about as much as she hated me as I was eventually going to find out . She’d never played any sports or Fished or AHHHH Forget about it ……It hurts that she was able to Fuck me over for sooooo long all I wanted was to be alone and 2yrs later I thought I was going to get that chance. We were living in New west and hanging around 7-11 playing pin-ball games popping Acid and one afterwards we’d gotten into our first argument and she had me cornered in the bathroom and refused to let me leave she was Hitting me scratching me yelling at me  and all I wanted to do was leave and then she tells me she’s pregnant with Jeffrey !

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