Is what I’m putting myself under. Too much stress, too much heat. Too much everything. Sometimes I feel, mentally, as if I’m going to crack, it dosn’t even have to be a big thing. Sometimes, I just want to give up. Stick my middle fingers in the air, say ‘fuck it’. Yeah… If only it weren’t for my parents. The only reason I’m stressing myself out is because I don’t want to dissapoint them, I can’t. And we’re picking out fucking GCSEs soon. Great.  That’s not the last thing I need right now. 😟😩😰

I’ve always had my life planned out. Simple, step by step plan. Except, it’s not so easy when it comes to it, huh? I need to chill, at the moment I’m so tense the smallest thing could set me off. ☹️

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