The weirdest signs of aging…

Yesterday night I worked a shift with that girl, the one who calls out no less than once a week, the one who calls out last minute, the one who fails to see the snowball effect her actions have on others. Turns out today is her birthday. She’s working. She will be calling out. Major irony is that she calls out every single Tuesday anyway. She was upset that her request for the day off was denied. I think big boss didn’t bother to accommodate since she didn’t list a reason for said day off and additionally  he’s aggravated about the constant calling out.

She was talking to me about how unfair it is that she had to work on her birthday. I gently told her that I also had to work on my birthday. “But you’re older. Your birthday doesn’t matter.  Besides you don’t really drink.”

Wow. Just wow. I was flooded by how warped and self centered her thoughts are. I gently told her “My birthday matters just as much. My kids are older, not babies like your own, they like to celebrate my day with me. It doesn’t matter if I drink or not. Birthdays aren’t about getting trashed. Younger age doesn’t make some one’s special day matter more.

Her opinion really doesn’t matter to me. She’s already shown her stripes.

On top of feeling like crap  from the whole lieing incident, my tablet / phone has been acting up. It takes forever to charge, loses its charge fast, and shuts down at random. Its well over a year old and my love for it has really abused it My spasms and twitches have led me to drop it quite a few times. I have no clue how the screen has managed to stay in tact. Jake likes to gnaw on the corners. The speakers haven’t worked in what seems like forever.

Yesterday my favorite game promoted me to update it. I followed the directions and was utterly disappointed to see that with the upgrade, my tablet is so longer supported. Oh man!!! The hours, the attention, the care that I put into this game (not too mention I’ve made a few in app. purchases) and now I couldn’t play it. I spent a large chunk of my day trying to tweak it, but wasn’t successful.

The Man at this point decided that I needed a new phone. Usually I’d argue about how my current phone is still functioning and we don’t need to spend money on something frivolous. This time I didn’t give my standard lecture.

So I’ve got a new phone. It’s a Samsung galaxy express prime. I always buy prepaid because I hate bills. I like the phone, but I can’t get around this password prompt. I have been frozen out of the google play store. Now I have two phones and I can’t play my game on either of them. Aggh!!! I use to be tech savvy, but now I’m scratching my head with no clue how to proceed. It’s making the new phone less enjoyable. 

I use to understand these things


2 thoughts on “The weirdest signs of aging…”

  1. I have an ancient phone that doesn’t do anything. Barely makes calls. I can text….it’s the old “Press 3 times for C once for A.” I love it, though, in a way. I don’t want a better one; if this one would just lose its ringer it would be perfect! LOL But I am sorry about your phone—after all that working on it! You must be so frustrated about now. Hope it gets better.

  2. I am, but maybe I should take the hint that I’m too attached to it. I try not to place high value in the material world. At the end of the day what I really have is so much more valuable.

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