Ups and Downs

This morning I started out very, very low. I cried twice before school even started! I was sad about Noah moving out, sad about giving Ben away. Sad about my mess of a life. A day of school, cheer practice, taking 3 of my girls to McDonald’s for dinner, and then walking John when I got home has helped me get a little better. I’m sure I could still cry right now if I thought about it. I just have to keep pushing forward. I cannot afford to stall. I need to keep going. I am a little frustrated with some people at my work at the moment. Just like I tell my students all the time, you will have to work with people you don’t like, so you have to figure it out. I do not like one person on my team at all. There are a couple of others I don’t care for  much. 

It’s amazing how much your outlook changes when you don’t know if you will be there next year. I am not pushing my lessons as hard since I may not be doing them again.

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