Day 227 – Progress

Tuesday, October 11th 2016

Today was good. I was very tired since yesterday was off. I started with math and we didn’t do much, since we had a substitute. Instead Kohai and I talked and did our very short work sheet. I mentioned a video I showed her, which was “You can go to 5 or 6 stores, or just one”. It’s so funny; I love it. I don’t know why I love that video so much, maybe cause it’s just weird, random and creepy. My favourites are the first three ones and the guy near the end that does some punches and then seems to snap his back.

We then had technology and I finished making a hand. I also asked our teacher if I could make Darth Maul’s lightsaber when I get to the lightsaber point, since I wasn’t interested in making the ones from the list he gave us, so he is going to add it to the list.

For lunch we recorded a podcast episode—Sherlock. I remembered how much Moriarty and Joker are alike. Don’t want to kill the protagonist, wants to have fun with them, both insane (although Moriarty wouldn’t mind being called insane and even agree, the Joker wouldn’t agree).

I then had alimentation and we’re making naan bread. There was a fire drill in the middle of class which stopped us from doing our sauce, but we’ll have it done tomorrow.

I finished with programming and I only have 1.5 jobs left before I can start my website. I do have to study for HTML though, since there’s gonna be a test Friday.

When I got home I played on the server and suspected someone for x-raying, but finally they weren’t. My brother and I are also going to get a gift card for my parents… And I totally forgot to start on their card. Shoot. I’m going to do that when I get home tomorrow. I have an idea of what to do.

Feels like the weekend was so long cause of Thanksgiving.

That’s all for today.

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