Haunted houses and an oozing eye

I gave up on trying to resurrect my game. I’ll take the fact that my devices are cutting me off from it as a sign that I am too dependent on it.

I have got to say these Thanksgiving posts on good night journal are cracking me up. We don’t celebrate until November and I don’t really subscribe to the holiday because of its roots. In my house it’s just a family day with food that takes longer to prep more than normal.

On the 22nd I am taking DeeDee to a Haunted House. We’re going with a friend that I work with and his husband. Afterwards we’ll catch a bite to eat. I love haunted houses so this is something that I’m really looking forward to.

Toothless has been a bit stiff these past few days. 


Tyrion has something going on with his eye. I noticed it when I woke up today. He’s squinting a lot and his eye is running. I tried to put a warm compress on it, but he’s so active he’ll only sit still for a minute. His eye indicates one of two things. Either Jake scratched him real good or he’s a little sick. Cat’s eyes are a big indicator of them having a virus. If I don’t see improvement by tomorrow night he’ll need to see the Vet.  He’s acting like himself so I’m inclined to believe that Jake scratched him.

The Man has been working insane hours this week. Mid way through his shift tomorrow he will be on overtime. This means I will be dealing with the kids, the card, the house work, and my job all on my own.

If I take the kids Halloween shopping tomorrow I can bribe them into cleaning the house. I know I could just make them, but I’d have to take them at some point anyways so I’d like to make them think it is a reward.

Yawn.  Suppose it is bedtime.

4 thoughts on “Haunted houses and an oozing eye”

  1. Gotta love the pointless holidays we’re expected to celebrate, though I do love Halloween its the only time of the year I can dress as weird as I like an no one makes any funny comments! Also having to bribe the kids this year (their toy room looks like someone picked it up and shook it) so if they want to help making a paper maché man to fill with sweets to disembowel on Halloween they had best get cleaning haha! Though I’ll probably be waiting for that miracle until next Halloween.
    I swear the men escape to work on purpose… I think really they are just all meeting up for cookies or something some days or they all have a secret man cave somewhere 😀
    Hope all goes well on the shopping trip hun 🙂 and hope tyrion the cat is ok 🙂 x

  2. Is that Toothless or Tyrion in the photo? I used to have an orange tabby cat that I absolutely adored. “George” was a huge fella that lived to be 14. I still miss him 10 years after his passing. He made even the staunchest self proclaimed cat haters love him. Yes, he was that special. Hope your kitties are all good today.

  3. Thanks. That’s Tyrion in the photo. He’s not one to make haters feel cozy about cats. He’ll simply reinforce their opinion. He’s wired. He’s also going to be huge. He’s around 9 months now. He attacks absolutely everything which is why I assume Jake scratched him.

    Jake is also huge. He’s very overweight. He’s almost circular.

    Andy is my special cat, the one every one falls in love with. He’s a goofy looking tuxedo.

    Toothless stars in most of my blogs. She’s solid black and a serious diva.

  4. Hi, Goddess! I’m glad Toothless is doing okay, and I hope Tyrion will be fine. You changed your picture — I guess for Halloween. But I liked the other one so much better. This one is scary. The fairy one looks like you. (smile)

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