I was so wrong

I tried committing suicide back in middle school. I hated those three years. I had moved and transferred to a school where the parents had jobs unlike mine and they were always sporting the next name brand item. I had no friends in middle school. I used to sit in the bathrooms at breaks and lunches so I wouldn’t be seen alone. I did projects alone.

I thought that with high school and college, things would be different. But they aren’t. I’ve always helped people no matter what my past was. But yet this year has been hell. Everyone I have ever helped ended up hurting me this year. I wish this year would just end.


3 thoughts on “I was so wrong”

  1. Hey you are not alone in that. I remember those days in the bathroom. At one of the schools it was hard to do it because they had security walking around. But I still managed. Lol. So annoying.

    My parents did have jobs but we weren’t the richest family and family life was not perfect (too long of a story). But I must say I’ve had more fun and love with poor people than rich. Priceless moments.

    Sometimes you have to get out of your immediate area to find your “tribe”.

    I saw a quote today on twitter:

    “Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.” ~ Steve Maraboli

  2. @ jequenciag: Sometimes it’s better to be alone than to have selfish family members

    @ She: Thank you. Learning to take one day at a time.

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